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From the Desk of Austin & Rachel Holt:
Lee's Summit Missouri

If you’re here, we’re assuming that you’re married.
And maybe you’ve realized marriage isn’t always “happily ever after”… ;) 

But you both still want an INCREDIBLE marriage. 

So the next question is simple…
+ Feeling Closer To Him
+ Understanding Her
+ Taking Your Marriage To A 
Level Both Of You Can't Imagine!
"I feel like a lightbulb has gone off, and we've opened up a whole new level in our marriage!" -- K.A.
"Thank you, for bringing my wife and I closer than we imagined we could ever be!" 
-- S.C.
So How can you insure your marriage stays incredible in today's modern and busy world?

...especially when what we’ve been taught by our parents, church and culture isn't working so well? 

We spent years asking that question. 

And in just a moment we’re going to reveal a secret you can use to propel your marriage into something better than you thought possible. 

(And don't worry - the secret isn't to have a daily “devotional” together) 

This secret will cover every facet of your relationship: from communication, to intimacy, to money issues, to fun...so you're equipped to navigate the storms of life with ease. 

And even more importantly...

You’ll have everything you need to deepen the passion, safety and unconditional love that you first felt with each other in a LASTING way. So it isn't just a one time thing...but something that will grow and last throughout your ENTIRE life. 

Here's the thing...
You Are One Insight Away 
From From An Amazing Marriage.
Here is what we mean...

We’ve had the unique challenge of not only being married in today’s busy world…but running a wedding photography business together for 8 years (while having kids). 

And if you know anything about us, we took our wedding photography very seriously. We took every couple out to dinner. We became confidents and friends. And often, we were involved in the most sensitive decisions about the day.

Which means, more than most, we've seen couples at their best and worst. 

And after 8 years - we’ve felt the soul crushing emptiness when one moment you're snapping photo's of a bride and groom, their face gleaming the essence of love and bliss...to only a few years later - the same face is covered in tears. Heartache. Bitterness and divorce lawyers. 

After seeing this as a young married couple over and over, we knew we had to take our marriage more seriously than the average person…because today's average wasn’t going to cut it. 

Today's Average Is Divorce 
Or A Miserable Marriage.
And that isn't what we wanted in life. (Does anyone?) 

We knew couldn’t just coast through life and rely on what our church, or parents or friends said about having an amazing marriage. We had to dive in deep - and figure out HOW to make marriage work better than the norm.

But that decision was the easy part! 

It's what came after the decision that wasn't so easy...because what does one do after they decide to fight for an amazing marriage?

+ How do you navigate disagreements? 
+ What if you're not good at communicating how you feel? 
+ How do you really feel and express love in a way that the other understands?
+ How do you maintain boundaries without offending your partner?
+ What if the sex is losing it's passion?

We had tons of questions like these...and the more we tried to find the answers, the more we found an uncomfortable truth...

...Our Churches, Parents And Friends Aren't Equipped To Support Couples Who Want A Great Marriage!

Most people assume everyone's marriage is fine.
Then - if you’re actively trying to make your marriage better, most people assume you're struggling! (We weren’t). 

And if you get past those roadblocks...

Most people are ashamed enough about their own marriages that they don't think they are qualified to help you! 

In the end...
Nearly every resource we found was heavy handed…boring…or just plain not helpful. 

And when we tried to find couples or people that we could ask for advice…we realized that they were few and far between! 

But we stayed the course. 

We went deeper. And found resources from all of the country. Coaches. Books. Hidden principles. 
And we’re so happy we did.

Because we can honestly say our marriage is better today than it’s ever been. And it's because we didn't give up.

Today, we don't feel stuck. 
We're not blinding floating along, hoping the principles and advice we grew up with would save us. 
Our marriage is better than ever...and we're not secretly hoping we can feel what we use to feel with each other. 

And while we aren’t perfect and certainly still have our disagreements...we know that in the big picture? 

Our marriage is deepening. 
And on an incredible trajectory. 

But we're not saying that to brag! 
Not at all! Because here is the secret...after DECIDING to make it happen...and finding the right resources...
It wasn’t HARD to get here! 

Transformation And Growth Is About 
Knowing The Right Information
And Staying In The Right Environment!

We've found it comes down to 6 keys...

1. Fearless Focus (What You Won't Nurture Won’t Grow) 
2. Landing Love (Understand The Misfires) 
3. Fantastic Fun (Experiences You Never Forget)
4. Powerful Polarity (This Stops Sexual Stagnation) 
5. Shedding Shame (You Can't Receive What You Don't Believe)
6. Incredible Inspiration (Surround Yourself With Winning Couples) 

...and we found very few people were talking about these principles or ideas! 
Especially in a way that put them all together! 

So after deep diving into so many experts, ideas, books, and resources for ourselves...while watching marriages crumble around us..

We knew couples were suffering needlessly. 
And it would be selfish of us to keep all this transformational information to ourselves.

So after much prayer, we both decided it was time that there was a COMMUNITY of committed couples that weren’t afraid to have fun, have the hard conversations and most of all…weren’t afraid to stand up and say their marriage was important enough to pursue excellence in! 

We KNEW we weren’t the only ones who were tired of settling for average. 

So We Started Because Marriage Matters…

Here is how Because Marriage Matters (BMM) works! 

Our Core Trainings

First, everyone who joins because marriage matters gets a core training each week covering the 6 principles above for their first 6 weeks. This gives them an incredible toolbox that covers everything from communication to sexual intimacy - and gives them a foundation to experience the rest of the BMM community!

Here are the principles again:

1. Fearless Focus (What You Won't Nurture Won’t Grow) 
2. Landing Love (Understand The Misfires) 
3. Fantastic Fun (Experiences You Never Forget)
4. Powerful Polarity (This Stops Sexual Stagnation) 
5. Shedding Shame (You Can't Receive What You Don't Believe)
6. Incredible Inspiration (Surround Yourself With Winning Couples) 

Access to A Community Full of Like Minded Couples

The second thing members get is instant access to an active and vibrant community of other couples on the same mission - sharing their wins, triumphs, ideas and questions! 

This immediately helps you realize that there are people like you - people who are actively prioirtizing their marriage and having fun while doing it! People who struggle - just like we do. And people who have incredible wisdom at your disposal to help you navigate any choppy waters. 

Monthly Expert Trainings 

These are relevant and raw EXPERT trainings - where we pay some of the best experts in the country to come in and share with you their experience, expertise and insights in key areas! These trainings alone you wouldn't be able to get access to for a fraction of what the investment is to be in BMM.

But on top of that...

Biweekly live Q&A calls

Where both of us host a time where you and your spouse can get on and ask any question you want. 
Have a communication challenge? Or a reoccurring you're not sure how to resolve? 

Get on and ask us! PLUS - you'll get to learn what other couples are dealing with and how they are moving through their challenges! 

And yes. All our past Q&A calls and expert trainings have been recorded. So you'll get access to those as well!

Private Huddles 

Let's be honest here. Some questions and challenges are a bit tough to handle in front of our spouse. (At least at first!) 

So when you're in BMM, you also have a private huddle, where men can talk to just the other men. Or women can talk with just the other women. So you have safe place to get encouragement, insight and wisdom around the most intimate and challenging aspects of your relationship. 

Ongoing Fun Challenges and Tips

Finally, we keep things lively with fun challenges, date ideas, gift ideas, and other great tips and tricks to keep the marriage thriving. 

All in a way that isn't overwhelming, too serious and just the right amount of fun.  

Sometimes the occasional Facebook alert with a little challenge or encouragement is enough to remind you where your real priorities are in life!

Now...this is all you need to transform your marriage into amazing... 

But don't Take Our Word For It!
And Yes...There Is NOTHING Else Like 
Because Marriage Matters Out There!

When we were searching, everything we found was either:
+ focused on fixing broken marriages (not making good one’s amazing)…
+ dry and boring with very impractical answers to relevant life challenges. (Sometimes the answer isn't as simple as doing a devotional and praying for each other) 
+ or going to a pastor or someone that just doesn’t really understand what’s going on. 

There wasn't a community. 
It wasn't fun. 
And it wasn't relevant to our actual life. 

Which kinda means married couples like you end up buying another book, reading 2 chapters, and then forgetting about it until the next big trouble comes along. 

But look…

Not Having An Incredible Marriage 
Means Practically Every Moment Of Your Life 
Isn’t As Enjoyable As It Could Be!  

While just under 50% of marriages usually end up in divorce, what is shown in the studies is that those marriages that don’t end up in divorce end up in place just as bad.

A relationship that is stale and stuck. 
A relationship that has lost it’s passion, intimacy and respect. 
A relationship where you feel like you’re not married to a lover - but a roommate. 

And most couples just stay there and live a lifetime of mediocrity!

The disconnection absolutely creates a lack of confidence and stress in every other area of your life! 

The pain leaks into your vacations, your weekends, your relationship with your kids…it even leaks into your job performance! 

And if a relationship isn’t getting better - it’s getting WORSE.

So every moment that you’re settling with an average relationship…is a moment that is actually more likely to end up in a councilors office. 

In fact - couples spend THOUSANDS of their hard earned money in counseling and therapy. Just trying to solve these problems…because for months and years they ignored the problems until they festered into much bigger issues that couldn’t be ignored.  

And that's when a divorce or affair happens…

And did you know divorce is the most stressful thing that can happen to anyone (except having your spouse suddenly die?)…And it costs thousands of dollars, destroys families and worst of all...

Comes unexpectedly to at least one person in the marriage.

Now, I Know You’re Not Here Because You’re On The Verge Of Divorce...

...and if you are - BMM probably isn't for you!

It also isn’t for people who think everything is “ok” and don’t have any interest or value in continually learning how to make their relationship as amazing as possible. 

BMM is for couples who want to grow deeper in their marriage relationship continuously.

Couples who know there are better tools out there and want them. 
Couples who know they need some "insurance" against the constant pressure to become average.
Who know they want something to help hold them accountable in this busy modern age.
And who are unapologetic about doing the work to have an amazing marriage.

And finally…it’s for those couples who are tired of “marriage work” being so serious and dull…instead of fun and exciting. :)

So How Much Is It To Get Started?

Because Marriage Matters (BMM) isn’t a $1999 for 3 day marriage conference…

Or a marriage councilor that charges $150-200 an hour…


It's an ongoing resource and community that gives you the tools you need to take your marriage from good to great.

And BMM won't overwhelm you either. It’s just a nice and steady drip of RELEVANT conversations and trainings…

So remember, here is exactly what you get as a member of Because Marriage Matters. 

--- > Core Training Course Modules ($1997 value)
--- > Live Bi-weekly Q&A Calls ($247+ value each) 
--- > Live Monthly Trainings From Marriage Experts ($297+ Value Each)
--- > Weekly Challenges / Reminders and Fun ($297) 
--- > Community Access ($147 a month value)
--- > Previous Month's Trainings ($997 a month value - this value grows every month!)

Total value? 

Over $4,200! 

All at INSTANT ACCESS for $250 down…and $50 a month after that. 

But That Isn't All...
Our No questions Asked Guarantee!

I know you might be wondering…
What if this doesn’t help?
What if this doesn’t work for me? 

So we’re going to do something even more powerful. 

I’m going to promise you that the Because Marriage Matters core trainings, community and ongoing resources will give you such incredible breakthroughs in your marriage - that we'll even let you try everything for 14 days…

And if after 14 days you don’t think it’s worth way more than every single penny you invested…
You can get your money back. No questions asked. 

Now - of course - if you’re just a free loader looking to get something for free. Please don't join. It's just dishonest. 

But if you really want to make your marriage amazing. 
And you’re just not sure if this will help…

We so strongly believe it will - we will give you 14 days to give it a test run.
And if you don’t love it. We'll give you your money back. No questions asked.

So we take on ALL the risk, and you don’t take on any. Just click below.

Now - We're Not Going To Offer 
This Guarantee For Long!

We’ve had so many amazing testimonials from people in our group…we're going to stop messing with the details of offering a guarantee soon.

So don’t wait. 

If there is anything in you that wants a CLEAR path to continuing to deepen and grow your marriage…

And want’s something FUN and that helps encourage you and your spouse…and hold syou both accountable to your real values and desires…

Now is the time!

Just click below to get started, and we'll see you on the inside! 


Austin and Rachel Holt
Founders of Because Marriage Matters

P.S. Now - we know you might be wondering…does clicking “get started” mean your marriage is failing and you’re not happy or in love with your spouse anymore?

Of course not!

It means you’re taking a stand for the IMPORTANCE of insuring your relationship is working for both of you as much as possible! 

Let’s be honest. Everyone one of us has good and bad days in our relationship. That’s normal! 

But by joining Because Marriage Matters, you're saying you want to take something that is good - and make it even better! 

Trust your gut. Trust what you want…and click below. 

P.P.S. If you’re still not sure if this will help your marriage reach excellence…

If you’re not sure the trainings will give you huge insights into communication, how to give and receive love, and everything else important in a relationship…

There is only one way to find out. Just join BMM and see! 

You have nothing to lose with our current 14 day money back guarantee…

And lets be honest. You’ve spent way more money than this investing in skincare, clothes or a tv…
Heck. You’ve probably spent more than this on coffee over the last year!
(We know we have!) 

But isn’t marriage one of our biggest values? 
Don’t we value our marriage just as much as our football games?
Or morning coffee quality? 

It only makes sense. Invest in what really matters to you. 
And remember…the guarantee won’t be here forever. 

So right now, you still can test drive it and MAKE SURE it works for you. 
Just like it did for us and other couples. 

If it doesn’t work for you…no big deal. Just ask for a refund. 
But if it does? 

Your entire life and marriage will be changed for the better. 

Your kids (if you have them) will see the difference. 

Don’t wait!

P.P.P.S. Sorry…had to say one more thing. Last thing. I promise. The reason why marriage is so hard in today’s society is because so many people sugar coat what it takes to win.

We can't do that here. While we know things might not be *that* bad in your relationship right now…if you ARE struggling…even a little bit.

The worst thing you can do right now is ignore it. Because that’s what EVERYONE did who is now looking down the barrel of a divorce and heartache. 

We don’t want that for you.  
Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. 

These little adjustments in mindset and skillets made the difference for us…and they aren’t HARD. 

We just were never shown them. 

They can make a HUGE difference for you to. 

But only if you take the leap. 

Don’t stay stuck in a stagnating relationship. 
It never ends well. 
You have nothing to lose.

And a lifetime of feeling amazing connection to gain.

Because Marriage Matters @ 2018